What is Homeopathy?

Homeopaths treat the individual, not the disease. A homeopathic remedy is prescribed upon the totality of an individual’s symptoms taken from the mental, emotional and the physical levels. The aim of classical prescribing is to not only address the symptoms but also to help the individual to deal with the cause of the illness and to regain good health. Remedies work on the vibrational level. They come from many different sources. Most are derived from plants, but animal products, minerals, metals and some poisons are used. Samuel Hahnemann is considered to be “The father of Homeopathy” you may visit his memorial in Scott Circle, Washington DC.

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed according to the Law of Similars. The law states, “That which makes sick shall heal.” This means that the symptoms caused by an overdose of a substance are the symptoms that can also be cured by a small dose of that same substance. As an example, we know that when we cut up an onion most people experience an acrid runny nose, soreness in the throat and stinging, runny eyes.

A homeopath will prescribe Allium cepa, this is the homeopathic remedy made from the onion, for the individual who has a cold and sore throat with these symptoms. Therefore, homeopathy uses medicines prepared from natural substances that are similar to the illness in contrast to conventional or allopathic medicine, which treats and often suppresses symptoms with large amounts of drugs, which have an opposite effect.

A well-chosen homeopathic remedy acts as a signal, which energizes or stimulates the body’s self-healing powers, mobilizing the defense systems and working on all aspects of the body, mental, emotional and physical.

After initial preparation of the raw material the remedies are made by serial dilution and succussion (vigorous shaking) in a solution of alcohol and water. This is done a few times or up to many thousands of times. The liquid dilution is then used itself as a remedy or soaked into tablets or granules for convenience. The diluted remedies are described as being “potentised,” in recognition of the dynamic healing power that they can stimulate. Frequently the dilutions are so great that no chemical trace of the original substance remains.

Homeopathy works really well in times of acute trauma. The remedies can be given on the way to the hospital and there is no known interaction between a homeopathic remedy and a conventional drug. The American Pharmacists Association has even written about this in their handbook!

Several years ago Sally worked with her homeopathic colleague Jacob Mirman, MD to create a web site and plan for pandemic influenza. This web site is an excellent source of information,it has recently been updated to cover extensive information regarding the growing EBOLA Crisis


In first aid situations if the remedy is prescribed correctly you will be able to see an effect with any potency and remember, do not repeat the remedy if the patient feels much better and is well on the road to recovery. Beginners are usually advised to use low potencies. The 30 c potency is available in most stores and is usually safe to use as long as it is not repeated unnecessarily. One dose of a 30c is usually sufficient to begin the process of cure. On the other hand a dose of 30c will rarely cause an aggravation, with the exception of highly sensitive individuals. 

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