Hanna Kroeger

Hanna Kroeger was a spry, cheerful woman who devoted her life to natural and spiritual healing. She was one of the most distinguished traditional herbalists and homeopaths of her generation. Her formulas reflect hundreds of years of traditional European and Native American folklore and Naturopathy.

  • Hanna was born in Turkey, the daughter of German missionaries
  • Hanna studied nursing in Freiberg and natural healing at a large hospital in Dresden, Germany
  • She moved to Colorado in the 1950’s with her husband and children
  • Hanna opened one of America’s first health food stores in Boulder, Colorado
  • Many people came to hear her wisdom
  • Hanna established The Peaceful Meadow Healing Retreat in Boulder, Colorado. Peaceful Meadow is now run by her daughter, Gisela. Sally has visited Hanna’s Retreat many times to study her methods.

Hanna believed that we are all responsible for our own health and that each of us is capable of healing ourselves with the right tools.

Hanna believed that careful eating was the key to good health. Here is what she had to say about food combining:

  • Serve only three or four things at a time but change with every meal.
  • For breakfast have a high protein meal such as eggs or meat with vegetables.
  • For lunch, it is also important to have protein and vegetables or potatoes and vegetables.
  • Avoid eating protein after 2pm.*
  • For dinner have carbohydrates and vegetables.
  • Eat fruits alone or on an empty stomach at least ½ hour before a meal. Apples are the only exception to the rule and can be eaten at any time. Never eat fruits with vegetables. Never eat acid fruit with cereal. Apples and rice go with everything!
  • Eat proteins with vegetables. Do not eat proteins with carbohydrates. This includes bread unless the bread is sprouted whole grain and not processed.
  • Never eat milk and meat at the same meal. Milk and meat require two different digestive enzymes and if eaten together, the meat will not digest properly.
  • Eat carbohydrates with vegetables.
  • Both raw and cooked vegetables should be eaten at a mealtime.50% raw and 50% cooked.
  • Do not use aluminum pots, pans and foil. Do not drink from aluminum cans.
  • Avoid processed foods and sugar products.
  • Avoid fried, greasy foods.

*Note: Concentrated proteins take up to eight hours to be broken down into amino acids. After leaving the liver, amino acids are transported by the Lymphatic system. While you sleep, the lymphatic system also rests and cannot deliver amino acids to where they are needed. The amino acids are then dumped into the weak areas of the body and aggravate pre – existing conditions such as arthritis and cancer.

Use the vibration of 9-9-5 to bless your food. Using your right hand, make 3 clockwise circles over the food saying 9-9-5.This is the vibration of mother Mary. Through your prayer, the vibration of the food changes and will clear any negativity in the food.

This information was taken from: “Help One another” an anthology of the Teachings and Remedies of Hanna Kroeger by Holly Vest and illustrated by Alberto Kroeger.

Sally offers individual Hanna Kroeger consultations in person or by telephone/Skype/FaceTime and is able to perform psycho- metric readings of your aura energy. An aura reading is a spiritual reading. The aura is the energy emanating from each organ. Sally is able to discuss with you particular Hanna Kroeger products that you may like to consider using as a result of this reading. Please note that an aura reading will not replace your physician nor his medications. Sally also offers classes that teach you insights from Hanna. Hanna’s motto was always “help one another and spread the knowledge!” Hanna Kroeger products are available from

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